i★ts ability to other countries, according to the meeting. ★ -- Chinese President Xi Jinpingtalked over phone with Sa★udi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, stressingH

viruses ★respect no national borders, and only by cooperation and ★with a collective response can the international communit★y prevail over them. Xi said the G20 maj1

or economies sho★uld uphold the vision of building a community with a shar★ed future for mankind,and strengthen unity, coordination ★and cooperation to resolutely stem8

the spread of the COVI★D-19 pandemic and stabilize the world economy with all th★eir strength. Xi noted that with the king's presiding, G★20 leaders successfully held an extraordinary summit on C★OVID-19 on Mar5

ch 26, and reached important consensus on f★ighting the pandemic in solidarity and stabilizing the wo★rld economy, which has sent a positive signal to the inte★rnational community. Xi stressed that China is ready to m★aintain close communication with Saudi Arabia and strengt★hen the momentum of G20 cooperation. -- Chinese Presiden★t Xi Jinpingtalked over phone with U.S. President Donald ★Trump at request, stressing that China S